White Fusion Developing Trackball Controller for PlayStation & Xbox

It’s "official" now. White Fusion is doing it. Videos and pictures on the newly-updated White Fusion website show images of their working prototype for a trackball controller.

Videos of the controller in action show comparisons between joystick and trackball precision in the PS2 version of Unreal Tournament. Pictures show a Playstation 2 controller (in developmental stage, judging by the rough exterior), which has had its right thumbstick replaced by a trackball.

According to a press release on the web site, the new controller technology, dubbed REFLEX Control™, is intended for release in Fall of 2005.

Trackball controller in the works?

Reliable sources tell me that a trackball controller (like the concepts I’ve shown) for PS2 and Xbox is not far away! A company called Whitefusion apparently has working prototypes for Xbox2 and PS2 trackball controllers.

Although they have posted no details or press releases, you can visit Whitefusion’s website at http://whitefusion.com

I will have more details as they come…

Nintendo (Revolution?) Trackball Controller

Nintendo Revolution Trackball Controller
Nintendo’s next-generation console, dubbed "Revolution", is expected to have radically different controllers than those of previous generations. Could it be that Nintendo is adopting the trackball controller concept? We should know more at E3 2005. (Thanks Dave H.)

This is a conceptual image I created to show the feasibility of placing a trackball on the Nintendo game controller. Read more about the benefits of the trackball…