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I’m Steven Sundheim, a user experience designer and web entrepreneur living in beautiful Missoula, Montana. You can learn more about me at sundhe.im.

This blog is an inconsistently updated hodgepodge of random and geeky things.

Originally, this blog was all about promoting the concept of putting a trackball on console gaming controllers. A few companies have set out to just that and have released promising prototypes.

For a couple years, I followed a company called Bodielobus who planned to implement that very idea. Despite showing off a fully-functioning prototype, they didn’t hit their target pre-orders and sadly the project ended.

In 2010, Jay Garcia, inventor of the SmartJoy Frag, announced the Trackball Controller for the Xbox 360. While it uses some tricks to emulate mouse control on the Xbox, it was a huge leap forward for console gamers who wanted 1:1 control.

As of 2013, Valve has announced the Steam Controller, which includes true trackball-like control via a touch-sensitive thumb pad. So far, it seems to possess all the qualities we’ve been wanting out of handheld controllers (though it is for PC only). It is by far the biggest step yet towards bringing true, 1-to-1 control to the living room.

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