Enabling UEFI Secure Boot with a Gigabyte BIOS

I thought I’d Just post a quick SEO beacon for people struggling to enable SecureBoot on their Gigabyte motherboards. A last-resort call to Gigabyte support got me squared away after a few days of finding limited help online. Having the same problem? If so, make sure you’ve done each of the following:

  1. Install Windows8 in UEFI mode with the latest bios Optimized Defaults loaded (this should be obvious. If not, read up on installing Windows in UEFI mode.)
  2. After Windows 8 completed installation, reboot to CMOS options, and change
    OS Type: Windows8
  3. CSM Support: Never
  4. Secure Boot: Enabled
  5. Secure Boot Mode: Custom (This contradicted what I found in my searching,before)
  6. Key Management: Install default Secure Boot Keys
  7. Save and Exit, boot to Windows8

Verify if Secure Boot is working by:

  1. Open PowerShell (Run as administrator)
  2. Type the command, “confirm-SecureBootUEFI”

Hope that helps someone!

4 thoughts on “Enabling UEFI Secure Boot with a Gigabyte BIOS”

  1. Thanks, just the info I needed! On my board I had to first toggle ‘Default Key Provisioning’ to ‘Enable’ before it would give me the option to ‘Install default Secure Boot keys’.

    Gigabyte H97M-HD3 rev 1.0

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