PC Trackball Controller Project Reborn

My last post was a bit of a tease, so here’s the rest of the story:

A few weeks ago I was surprised and thrilled to hear from Peter Von Buskirk, one of the engineers behind the promising but sadly ill-fated Whitefusion/Bodielobus controller project. Email subject “I am back – Reviving the Trackball?

Peter, along with his brother, have launched a Kickstarter Project to bring an updated, PC version of the Bodielobus controller to life. You may recall that the Bodielobus controller was intended to bring trackball input to consoles, while this new controller will serve as the first true trackball gamepad for PC gamers.

Though the Bodielobus controller didn’t quite get off thew ground, I’m happy to see that Peter’s enthusiasm and dedication to the idea haven’t died:

I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of having both joystick and mouse input in the same device, especially in an era where many PC games lazily inherit console-oriented interfaces and menus. Hopefully, this idea will resonate with enough people to kick off the project, because Peter has greater visions in mind for the trackball concept, including console support and wireless capabilities.

If you believe in the trackball cause, I urge you to pledge a few bucks to the Trackball PC Game Controller Kickstarter Project. There are some nifty benefits as you increase your pledge amount, too. Remember, you only pay if the project is successful, so please show your support!

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