Review Follow-up: The Logitech M570, Four Months Later


There is a tendency to confuse familiarity with superiority.

It’s been almost 4 months since I posted my hands-on review of the Logitech M570 trackball mouse. It was a highly favorable review with a couple minor complaints. Since then, the M570 has become my mouse of choice, and with the benefit of hindsight I’d like to address a few of my older observations:

“Feels a little light and small (for my taste)”

I’m glad I mentioned the word “taste”, because my taste has changed. Now, when I put my hands on my old MS Trackball Optical, it feels excessively bulky and “heavy”, overall. I’ve actually come to prefer the size of the M570. At the time of writing the review, I felt like the MS Trackball felt more substantial and less fragile. Now that old mouse feels almost clumsy in comparison to the M570.

“Although the molded shape fits my hand well, the position of the buttons and trackball seemed to be geared for smaller hands and took some getting used to.”

It’s true, the M570 took some “getting used to”. My biggest concern was that the size of the M570 would turn out to be a critical flaw; I was afraid, that my thumb would fatigue faster because it had to be slightly contracted to stay “on the ball”. Yet, there has not been a single case where that has caused a noticeable problem for me, whether gaming or working. I do wish the mouse was slightly longer, with the ball was positioned farther away, so that my thumb was more often in a relaxed/stretched position. Still, this has mostly become a non-issue for me.

“…the ball makes almost imperceptible noise and feels a little â€?roughâ€? when you roll it. I’d compare it to the sound and feel of rubbing one of your fingers on paper”

In the comments for the review, other members mentioned a similar issue. Some even claimed the culprit was a tiny piece of rogue plastic in the ball area – an unintentional leftover from the manufacturing process. A couple users removed it and reported the issue to be resolved, thoughI wasn’t brave enough to attempt surgery on my mouse. After a month or two of use, I noticed that this issue went away. Now my M570 is almost as quiet as the MS mouse.

Since I wrote the review I’ve noticed one major advantage of the M570 over my old MS Trackball: It glides almost effortlessly, only sticking when it is severely dirty (which is easily resolved). This is somewhat counterintuitive: My old MS trackball mouse feels “smoother” when I roll the ball, yet it requires more effort to get going; There is more resistance. The benefit of the M570’s ease is most noticeable in games, when I need to make very minor movements.

The M570 has really grown on me since I wrote the review. Compared to my old favorite, the MS Trackball Optical, the M570 has proven to be easier to use, more precise, and less likely to gum up. After 4 months of use, there is no question that the M570 has become my favorite mouse, and I continue to give it my highest recommendation.

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  1. Good update. I too am still “evaluating” this new mouse. And yes, whilst it’s specifically a trackball, it’s still at the end of the day a mouse. I did remove the “excess” plastic from around the ball, and have to say it’s not worth doing. In fact, maybe I removed too much, because now the ball comes out without having to push it out. (Maybe some people will like that.) The use of the Logitech Unifying Reciever is awesome, although not specific to this item. At this stage, I’m already happy with it, apart from the fact that it is obvious they have lost the prestige regarding trackballs. I’ll justify this comment later, as I need energy in order to fell like updating my thread. If nothing else, I now have a Logitech trackball with 5 buttons as opposed to 3 – so I’m still “better” off then before.

    This thread will shed some more light on my Logitech trackball love. (

    I’ve also dug out some pictures that I’ll have to upload. They are “desktop” pictures that go back to the early 90’s showing the Logitech trackballs I was using. I know this sounds pompous, but I believe I was one of the truly first generation commercial trackball adopters. By commercial I mean home user, as opposed to some of those UNIX gurus that had trackball-type units in the 70’s. If anyone reading this post started using Logitech trackballs before 1992 I’d like to hear from you. I don’t expect to hear from anyone. In fact it doesn’t even have to be Logitech – let’s make it any brand trackball or trackball-like device.

  2. I have been thinking about perchasing one of these for a few weeks.

    I have used trackballs for about 12 years. The first an A4tech very similar to this in appearance but only two buttons and scroll wheel.
    When it wore out after about 4 years or so. I got another but it had left button failure after a couple of years or so.
    They were very cheap around $10 so can’t expect mush.

    I couldn’t find another so ended up spending $20 on a Kensington Orbit optical trackball.

    I was reluctant cos the ball is in the center and I was so used to the thumb ball.
    I wore out this after 5 years or so and got another the same which I am using now. It is still imaculate to use and I am so used to the forefinger control that I am worried about switching back to a thumb ball.
    I love that my hand can rest so relaxed over the top and all my fingers just flop into position, no stress at all.

    I just got a Logitech K340 wireless keyboard to replace my old logitech keyboard after six years and I love it. Same size and almost identical but I love being able to move it anywhere and even put it in a draw at night so my cats don’t sleep on it.

    And that is why I want a mouse to complement the keyboard. I nearly bought the cordless optical trackman but then found out it is not unifying reciever and very short range. Unfortunately that only leaves one choice, the M570.

    I can’t believe that after all these years most people still use a “mouse”. They are arkward, inaccurate and a pain in the butt and yet still the prefered device.
    I think I would build my own trackball before I would go back to a “mouse” I HATE them.

    When will Logitech release a new or updated model of 2.4G trackballs?

    Come on I’m waiting.

  3. I’ve been as trackball user for a long time, and I’ve always for the Logitech trackballs to be the best on the market.

    Unfortunately, I’m now going to have to get a M570.

    I say ‘unfortunately’ because I HATE being forced into a proprietary solution – the “unifying receiver”.
    Come on, Logitech, there’s a perfectly useable solution already built into most laptops, and readily available for any desktop – Bluetooth.
    Oh, I know Bluetooth is not perfect, but it’s a bit arrogant to suggest that your proprietary alternative is SO MUCH BETTER that your customers need another set of dongles to carry around and misplace.

    WAKE UP and give your customers what we’ve been asking you to provide for years – a Bluetooth Logitech trackball.

  4. What settings are you using?

    It is my first trackball and I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but I still find it hard to be precise with it. For example when closing tabs in a web browser the little “X” can be hard to hit.

    My settings are atm:
    Pointer speed: 2
    Pointer acceleration: High

  5. JHP, mine is set to Speed: 4 and low acceleration in the Logitech control panel. But, it does sound like the mouse is too sensitive if you can’t hit a button on the screen reliably. I’m not sure if the windows control panel> hardware> mouse settings come in to play though, so check those too.

    If it’s your first trackball, it will take a few weeks to feel as comfortable with it as a mouse, especially with the subtle movements.

  6. Your settings seem to be better for me as well 🙂

    Also I still need the 20+yrs of heavy daily usage using the trackball. I think things will look better in a month or two.


  7. Hello, I too have trouble with the sensitivity. I’ve been using it since November but still find my precision is lacking.

    I was thinking about experimenting with switching out the trackball with something a bit heavier, but can’t find the diameter of the ball. One site says 1.375″ another quotes 1.5″.

    Can someone with better eyes than myself (I’ve made several attempts and get a different result every time) give it a shot?

    Thank you

  8. recently got the m570 — love it except for one thing: the sucky scroll wheel. It feels and moves like molasses. Is it too much to ask for a nice scroll wheel in a $40+ mouse? :/

  9. I’ve been using the Trackman since 2004. Most of the paint has worn off, so I wanted to open the box of my spare trackman today. However I saw the m570 on a visit to my local PC shop and bought it on the spot, mainly because it was wireless.

    Very happy about the improved precision, but I have mixed feelings about the scrollwheel. Yes, it’s a lot more quiet than that of the old trackman, but then again it feels a bit … ermm … “rubbery” (by lack of a better word) whereas the old one had a solid click whenever it scrolled.
    I reckon it’s only a matter of adjusting to the new wheel. In a week or so I probably won’t even notice this anymore.

    Hopefully the next model will be black instead of this dark grey, as it doesn’t really blend in with the rest of my equipment. Then again the old one didn’t blend in either.

    As for pointer speeds, mine is at the 7th stripe from the left and accelleration is set to “Medium”. I run a 3840×1080 desktop (2 full HD monitors), so slowing it down is not an option if I want to get from one side of the desktop to the other side in a reasonable timespan.
    With that setting I find it easy to put it exactly where I want whilst still being able to get across the entire desktop in a single flick of the thumb.

  10. SRI, I thought the scroll wheel was too sticky at first, but it loosens up substantially over time. Now, mine is as fluid as the one on my old MS Trackball.

  11. Steven, that is good to know. The trackball is really good; defintely better than my old MS trackball. I really like this mouse so far – it works very well in Linux and while the size is a little small for my hands, it is pretty good. I think this is the best mouse on the market now.

    I hope they release a version 2 with their hyperfast scroll wheel.

  12. i’ve been using this mouse for a few months now at work and it’s been great. very helpful review, which i found while searching for any indication that a problem i’ve had is a common one…. doesn’t appear so, but i’ll ask here anyways! just recently, the trackball stopped working completely. the other buttons all work with no issue, but i can’t move the pointer around the screen at all anymore. logitech is actually sending me a replacement M570 as they suspect a faulty optical sensor(another good reason to get this mouse – great customer service!), but i now have a semi-functional M570 which i could take home if i can figure out how to get the trackball working again… anyone know how to replace the optical sensor inside the unit???

  13. @ Mario

    I’ve been using Logitech trackballs since the late eighties, with the original, beige, 3-button, wheel-less Trackman Marble that felt like a comfortable old baseball glove in my hand.

    When I saw that they were being replaced by the “sharp-edged” design, I ran out & bought 2 wheeled back-ups.

    After I’d worn those out, I reluctantly got one with the “sharp-edged” design & discovered that they weren’t as uncomfortable as they looked & have been through a few. I now have an M570 & love it.

    I still missed my “comfortable old baseball glove” though!

  14. to JChester (and all others)

    I use mice for all my life… but my wrist… and my forearm…

    You have experience with the Logitech TrackMan Marble. You think Logitech M570 is better? Use thumb is better than forefinger?
    I’m afraid of using ball by thumb instead of forefinger.

    Do you someone have experience with these?
    Logitech Wireless Trackball M570
    Logitech Marble Track
    Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan

    Which is the most comfortable?
    I work with SolidWorks 3D construction software.


    Thank you for your response.

  15. Been using Cordless Trackman Wheel (p/n: 804359-0000) since Win95 days (various trackball predecessors before). To go through multiple O/S’s (Win95 through Win7) with the same pointing device says something about the original ergonomics. I have tried many others, personally I do not believe there has not been an acceptable “improvement” to this design until M570.

    As with my original Trackman; the Scroll Wheel still functions the same with a push-hold activating scroll/pan feature with ball control (awesome panning/scrolling feature that is acceptable substitute for L/R wheel movement panning with other mice). Many years of comparing optional designs always brings me back to wireless trackballs that incorporate thumb-balls vs. finger-balls (allows fingers to activate the buttons for things like drag/drops, etc.). If you have overlooked the push-hold/scroll-wheel pan/scroll-with-thumb-ball, try it at your earliest opportunity.

    Logitech has effectively addressed/updated the two key issues I have always had with the predecessor (dedicated fwd/back buttons, elimination of corded-dongle).

    I like the Unify Dongle; allowing simultaneous connection to multiple additional devices (keyboard, mice, etc.) with one sub-compact USB-dongle-bud.

    The only thing I would suggest for Logitech is that it would have been really nice if they could have built into the design an “optional” Bluetooth connection (allowing the user an option of Bluetooth or Logitech proprietary Unifying connection, activated via toggle switch on device). The Unify-bud can be “just left in” laptop or main computer, but is easily forgotten when moving to alternate computer (I suggest having a backup, 2nd Unify-bud $10, stored alongside battery in device for these just-in-case scenarios).

    The extended battery life is also a nice upgrade to predecessor. I am a believer in single AA battery vs. other power options (like rechargeable, multiple bat’s, AAA’s, etc.). 18-months on one AA = best option IMHO.

    And finally; to get up-to-speed providing single-thumb-movement of mouse across multiple extended displays – don’t forget to WAX YOUR BALLS … 😉 I like carnauba-wax, but most options provide slick results as well.

    M570 Rocks

  16. I am trying to decide if my M570 is causing me some hand pain. I think when I had a tethered trackball, I tied up the cable and “locked” the trackball in place, especially when gaming. Now I float all over the desk and sometimes in the heat of battle to uncomfortable positions. The thing is just too small too. I want to make it bigger and maybe even “tilt” forward like my ms 4000 keyboard. I just put an artist’s eraser under the back and it is 100% better, just not very stable.

  17. It’s a decent trackball. My only complaint is that it makes a hollow plasticy vibrating sound while I type because it is on a WorkRite keyboard/mouse tray. I’ve tried to dampen the sound with various pads and the only solution is to put it on a solid desk. Not a huge concern for most, but definitely annoying enough to turn away some that use a floating keyboard tray.

  18. I have a problem with the logitech software. I have an iMac running lion. I bought the M570 and found that the back and forward buttons when pressed send me to dashboard not back and forward in my browser which is safari. I called Logitech and they had no idea how to fix it. I have the latest logitech control center software. I tried un-installling it and re-installing it and it did not fix the problem. The same problem exists with my other logitech mouse the performance mx. any ideas? Thank you

  19. I solved the problem with my back and forward buttons not working on my M570. I put the universal input device on an extension cord and moved it to within 8 inches from the trackball and now everything works. Apparently the logitech 2.4 ghz device is sensitive to be too close to some other devices..

  20. Ive been using logitech trackballs since… well lets just about 6 or 7 (mice?) back. The M570 is the only mouse I would ever use. If thery quit making this style I will be royally screwed. This mouse is excellent in its function and ergonomics. It lacks for one thing only, and that its ball and contact points. The old red ball felt better in the earlier versions. The blue one feels cheap and does make a dragging sound. If your listening logitech, please accept my gratitude for such an awsome mouse. I would gladly pay more for one with a more executive feel to it. Quality costs, and those of us who appreciate quality also appreciate that fact. I know the methodology of the day is to manufacture with a self destruct date, but let me assure you that if you build it we will buy it. Ive bought a new trackball pretty near yearly, just because I felt like a new one and felt my last one had served me exceptionally well. You know… Nice, new, clean, and what else gets more action than your mouse. Trackballers, I urge each and everyone of you that reads this to take your logitech M570 (likely) and bestow it upon some poor schmo that you know is still rowing his computer with a conventional mouse. Then go buy a new M570… just because you know how trulely excellent this product is and logitech deserves our patronage. Not only that it sends a loud and clear message that we not only want our logitech mice… We want them with Balls! … well one ball anyway.
    Watching someone with a conventional mouse is disturbing and a bit like someone not knowing what control c and v do… which by the way is an excellent way to map the 2 buttons by your index finger on your M570 thru SetPoint.

    2 cents from a long time user and huge fan of the logitech trackball. By far the most liberating addition to anyones computer experience …guaranteed!

  21. I’ve been using an M570 for about eight months. It’s my first trackball (aside from one on an Amiga back in the day) and I’m very satisfied with it. No wrist or finger fatigue at all. My only complaint is that my palm gets sweaty when it’s been sitting on the M570. That’s probably something that happens with every trackball though. And even though the battery has been going strong the whole time with no signs of being depleted any time soon (and I never turn off the power switch), I would still have preferred a wired option if one were available.

  22. Like you, I had the same conclusions in comparing the M570 with the MS Trackball Optical. And I had zero issue with thumb pain–plus my most recent purchase of the M570 (my second) seems to reveal the ball tracking problem solved. Even with very dirty contacts, it works perfectly.

    But I have always had an issue with neck and shoulder discomfort during long sessions. I tried someone’s vertical mouse and found that this position relieved the strain in that region. I found some kludgey vertical solutions but wanted something more elegant. I bought a MOBI-GO! beanbag phone stand that placed the M570 at the perfect angle. A Kensington Gel Pad rounded it out and the whole package looks like it was designed that way from the start. Result: zero body discomfort even with marathon sessions.

    Check out my review at the Amazon MOBI-GO product page for more details and photos.

  23. I just wandered into this posting–quite by accident–and it got me to thinking about how things were with trackball offerings, back in the 1980’s. That very first of Logitech’s trackball models hooked me immediately, and I have always had one of their trackball models on my desktop; and have even replaced the rodents on work computers with a trackball–just because it was easier and more comfortable to use.

    Somewhere, in a box, out in the garage, is that very first trackball, and I had forgotten about it until just now.

    The M570 does the job perfectly, but I might just see if I can find that old thing, and toss it on the desk–just for kicks–to see how my daughters react to “ancient technology”.

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