Paradox Controller Available for Pre-order!

bodie1I was pleasantly surprised to get an update last week from Bodielobus, an innovative developer bringing trackballs to console game controllers. After months of relative silence, Bodielobus has made the major announcement that their Paradox Controller for Playstation 2 is available for Pre-order at The Paradox is Bodielobus’ first controller incorporating Reflex Control, a trackball that replaces the usual right thumbstick.

Although I’m not a Playstation 2 owner, I’m excited to finally see the trackball concept approach reality. Hopefully, this will represent a proof of concept among gamers and reviewers that the trackball can dramatically improve gameplay, especially in FPS’s. Bodielobus has not made any official announcement regarding future compatabilty with other platforms.

At the time of writing, the Paradox controller can be pre-ordered for a surprisingly low $21.99 USD, plus shipping. According to the site, that number will go up by $1 each week, until itis $26.99. NOTE: By using the “trackballer” code at or by using this link, the price at checkout is only$19.99. I don’t know if that is intentional or not.

Unfortunately, Bodielobus does not have an official release date slated yet, and I expect they are waiting for a minimum number of orders before hitting the manufacturing stage. I would not complain if Bodielobus sent me a prototype for review (hint, hint).

12 thoughts on “Paradox Controller Available for Pre-order!”

  1. Damn’it, they won’t ship to Canada! I’ve been waiting for this controller for over a year and now it finally coming out and I still can’t get one. Would someone be willing to ship me one? Please!

  2. Aaron, Bodielobus has told me there is an issue with international shipping and Google checkout, but that they are working to resolve the issue and will update us soon. I’ll keep ya posted.

  3. Thanx

    Yea, i got an email from them stateing the same, and I’ve been checking their site every day, but so far nothing. So I hope!

  4. UPDATE: Bodielobus has Workaround for the international shipping issue:

    “Great news! We have a temporary solution in place for International purchasers. Please re-visit ++ and place your order again if you were unsuccessful. Google is aware of the issue and we will be working with them to improve the process and purchasing experience. “

  5. I have been really excited for this product since may of 2005 when bodilobus first announced their product, but im a little worried now that it has not reached over 300 preorders in three weeks

  6. more vaporware. website for producers does not even have links that work. can reviewers please stop pushing garbage and getting folks to “preorder”.

  7. Iam searching a long time for a controller/gamepad whit Trackball “look/aim” function !!!

    I still cannot find any retailer webshop to buy this product !!!


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  9. All I find on this product are mentions of previews and youtube videos, but the official site is not ready and there seems to be no way to purchase the product, or to find any mention of it after 2007.

    What happened?

  10. Elroy, As far as I know, Bodielobus did not meet their required minimum per-order and they scrapped the production. I never got an update after that, despite my inquiries.

    Since then, though, in inventor name Jay Garcia has taken on the task and you can get nice xbox 360 trackball controllers from him. Check out: Official site:

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