Nintendo Reveals ‘Revolution’ Controller


…Nintendo breaks with more than 20 years of video game history by abandoning the traditional controller held with two hands and introducing an all-new freehand-style unit held with one hand.

The intuitive, pioneering interface allows players to run, jump, spin, slide, shoot, steer, accelerate, bank, dive, kick, throw and score in a way never experienced in the history of gaming.

“The feeling is so natural and real, as soon as players use the controller, their minds will spin with the possibilities of how this will change gaming as we know it today,” explains Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president. “This is an extremely exciting innovation – one that will thrill current players and entice new ones.”

When picked up and pointed at the screen, the controller gives a lightning-quick element of interaction, sensing motion, depth, positioning and targeting dictated by movement of the controller itself.

The controller also allows for a variety of expansions, including a “nunchuk” style analog unit offering the enhanced game-play control hard-core gamers demand.

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One thought on “Nintendo Reveals ‘Revolution’ Controller”

  1. Nintendo is doing the right thing. They have lost alot of their popularity in the console market, but maybe this idea will take off(I cant see how it can’t) and the other console developers will follow suit. Its either this or a trackball in place of the right analog stick…but either way, that damn right analog stick has GOT TO GO!!

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