*Exclusive Trackballer.com Pre-Announcement* White Fusion changes name to Bodielobus, releases concepts

thumb-bodielobus_REFLEX_perspective_front.jpgYpsilanti, MI :: September 16, 2005 :: White Fusion, LLC announces the change of its name to bodielobus, LLC. The new name, pronounced bo-D-low-bus, is the only identity change, as the company logo and other trademarks and trademark images will remain unchanged.

An updated launch timeframe has been announced for REFLEX Control on the PlayStation2, which is now Spring of ’06. Bodielobus also is releasing the following new concept artwork images of the upcoming REFLEX Control PS2 controller, which are available at bodielobus.com.

Bodielobus.com will be the new home for all details regarding White Fusion products and will be the source of forthcoming news of the titles supporting REFLEX Control for the coming year. Expect these announcements around Christmas 2005, while other announcements of future products are anticipated to be made around mid-year 2006.

thumb-bodielobus_REFLEX_perspective_back.jpgREFLEX Control™ combines the speed, precision, and natural control of a mouse with the handheld comfort and compact, ergonomic design of a console controller. By integrating a thumb operated trackball into a standard console controller, White Fusion has developed a system of providing the same intuitive interaction of a PC control system in a form factor that is familiar to generations of console video game players.

Background – REFLEX Control™ has been gaining developer awareness and interest since Oct. 2003. Bodielobus’s public fan base has grown exponentially since the launch of its Unit B in Jan. 2005.

About – Bodielobus designs and develops hardware control concepts employing a hybrid theory to produce advancements at once both simple and remarkable. Bodielobus is driven to produce solutions that will benefit both gamers and developers.

This announcement relates to products intended for launch by Bodielobus. The product names, prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

9 thoughts on “*Exclusive Trackballer.com Pre-Announcement* White Fusion changes name to Bodielobus, releases concepts”

  1. I have no idea whats going on with these guys, pre-ordered one like a year ago, and the website to order them is down, (doesn’t look like its coming back up) and they don’t respond to any kinda of e-mail, the website says its finally here, but not sure where here is. At this point, it seems like its going under, and taking the people who bought controllers with it.

  2. I was very pleased when i read the news about the bodielobus, so i ordered 1. Several months later, i saw no change on their website, so last month i sent them an email, which they haven’t answered. I’m thinking there all having Pina Coladas on some far exotic beach with our money. 🙁
    If anyone would have some more info, i would very pleased to hear it.

  3. Yes does anyone out there have a clue , what happened to our controllers .. I received a refund for my original pr-order payment ,,, but I really really want the product …

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