White Fusion annouces Reflex Control

thumb-reflex03.jpgYpsilanti, MI :: March 31, 2005 :: White Fusion, LLC., announces the intended release of the first standard video game controller for a console system to feature REFLEX Control™. The controller will be one of the most remarkable advancements in hybrid video game control systems. A newly updated website features expanded descriptions, yet unreleased photos, and performance video of the most recent product concept models.

REFLEX Control™ combines the speed, precision, and natural control of a mouse with the handheld comfort and compact, ergonomic design of a console controller. By integrating a thumb operated trackball into a standard console controller, White Fusion has developed a system of providing
the same intuitive interaction of a PC control system in a form factor that is familiar to generations of console video game players.

This first generation REFLEX Control™ enabled controller is intended for release in Fall of 2005.

Background – REFLEX Control™ has been gaining developer awareness and interest since Oct. 2003. White Fusion’s public fan base has grown exponentially since the launch of its Unit B in Jan. 2005.

About – White Fusion designs and develops hardware control concepts employing a hybrid theory to produce advancements at once both simple and remarkable. White Fusion is driven to produce solutions that will benefit both gamers and developers.

This announcement relates to products intended for launch by White Fusion. The product names, prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Copyright (c) 2003-2005 White Fusion, LLC. The WHITEFUSION and REFLEX Control logos are trademarks of White Fusion, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their companies.

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