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  1. It’s “officialâ€? now. White Fusion is doing it. Videos and pictures on the newly-updated White Fusion website show images of their working prototype for a trackball controller.

    Videos of the controller in action show comparisons between joystick and trackball precision in the PS2 version of Unreal Tournament. Pictures show a Playstation 2 controller (in developmental stage, judging by the rough exterior), which has had its right thumbstick replaced by a trackball.

    According to a press release on the web site, the new controller technology, dubbed REFLEX Control™, is intended for release in Fall of 2005.

  2. Yes i beleive this design of controller looks really good and a functional controller also,also i saw this controller advertised on the xbox hitman blood money website,1 wallpaper has 47 with hair,it is what he needs and what any real hitman would use different hair pieces,please mention it to eido,thanks,itet.

  3. i believe that this is going to be a big sucess for the xbox and ps2 alike .. a controler that adds basically mouse controllability in it and is still a functional controller is a nice idea … much thanks developers .. will be getting one for sure

  4. I had this idea in my mind for the xbox trackball controller.
    so i searcht on google for xbox trackball controller and found this website.

    you have the pc gamers and xbox gamers and there always arguing wich is the best way to play a fps with a mouse or a controller so i thought you ned to build a trackball in a controller.

    but now is see there are actually prototypes! 🙂

    Great job!

  5. I tought of this idea ages ago and had some 3d art work done but I also did some research on it found out that a company has the patant for all gamepads with the tracker ball and where allready making them so i droped the idea I cant seam to find the site now though its a pitty theas game pads never took off consoles really need the control that you can get from one of theas without going full mouse keyboard.

    I sure hope you guys make this work and get the idea out to the major companys.

  6. I just had this idea. I got it from reading a thread about the FragFX (mouse-like controller for consoles) and how there is a surprising number of people who think using the device is cheating. I thought maybe they would be ok with a controller with a trackball in place of the right stick. It would look a whole hell of a lot closer to a normal controller, and it would be closer to a mouse than dual sticks. I even made a quick mockup of a Dual Shock 3 with a ball before I found this site. It’s a shame it isn’t offered by first parties like Sony and MS.

  7. I was thinkin about this like 3 years ago, that this would be so cool. Cause… Why not making this at the first place? You just need high accuracy controler for FPS. ANd currecnt gamepads just cannot allow you this. Current gamepads cannot be compared with keyboard+mouse combo. But trackball game pad can be competition.

  8. It’s not that I want to duplicate your web site, but I really like the formatof this site. Could you let me know which theme are you using? Or was it custom made?

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